The Best Tool for Backlink Analysis: Power Your Site With the Best Links!

Google algorithms are always in a state of flux, but one important factor has remained steady: Links are always a powerful force. But not all links have a strong positive effect on your rankings. You need to monitor your backlinks to make sure they're not harming your site, and we have the best backlink analysis tool to make this possible.

Track new backlinks each month with the best backlink analysis tool that will help with disavow efforts.

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Analyzing the Ninja Backlink Tool's Data & Features

The Ninja Backlink Tool makes keeping an eye on your link profile fast and easy. This link analysis tool uses data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs to create a link profile tool that can help you see your backlinks in big-picture terms, allowing you to spot harmful patterns that may stand out to Google and lead to penalties. This link profile tool also can stop you from disavowing valuable links that were boosting your traffic.

The tool will run once a month automatically to provide you with an updated backlink profile, but you can run this backlink analysis tool whenever you want: It's free to create additional runs. Try out this powerful SEO aid and you'll find out why this is the best link analysis tool out there!

Tool Features:

Link Breakdown:

The total number of linking domains analyzed depends on how many backlinks are actually returned by each API and how much overlap there is between them.